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Unknown—see also Hybrid


Unknown:  Barrington, Illinois, Barrington United Methodist Church (1960's), rebuilt 1997 Fabry with 1960 M. P. Möller (opus 9446), built for Barrington, Illinois, Henry Beard residence, burned 1998—62/12-13S


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Bethel Church (Seamens), burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Bremer Street Mission Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Church of Our Saviour, Episcopal, rebuild of 1884 Hook & Hastings (opus 1227), rebuilt Robert L. David, sold 1981 through Organ Clearing House, to Boca Raton, Florida, Saint David Boys School, rebuilt Klug & Schumacher—23/8-9SI


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Clybourn Avenue German Methodist Episcopal Church, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Clybourn Avenue Mission Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois:  Ebenezer Lutheran Church, replaced 1916 J. P. Seeburg, replaced 1963 M. P. Möller (opus 9611)—82/7, 9-13SPI (Möller)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Edgebrook Community Church (United Church of Christ), replaced 1961 Æolian-Skinner (opus 1359), additions 1990's Church Music Service—62/14-18SPI (Æolian-Skinner)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church, later Epworth United Methodist Church, replaced 1931 M. P. Möller (opus 5881), 2050 OHS Citation—87/16-20SP


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Erie Street Mission Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, First Baptist Church, 1961 rebuild of 1916 L. D. Morris rebuild of 1912 Coburn, building and organ constructed for Plymouth Congregational Church, replaced 1964 M. P. Möller (opus 9964), earlier buildings had 1857 House, 1867 Johnson (opus 216), rebuilt 1871 Ira Bassett, burned 1874, merged with Indiana Avenue Baptist Church, replaced 1882 Johnson & Son (opus 588), rebuilt 1924 M. P. Möller (opus 3624), now Olivet Baptist Church, church relocated 1918 to former Plymouth Congregational Church (merged 1918 with Kenwood Evangelical Church, later Kenwood United Church of Christ (1888 Steere & Turner, opus 268, replaced 1913 Skinner (opus 207)), earlier Plymouth organs include 1871 Erben, relocated and rebuilt Johnson & Son, possibly replaced 1880’s S. S. Hamill)—14/14 (Johnson/Bassett); 25/21, 22 (Johnson/Bassett), 23 (1882 Johnson); 26/19 (Johnsons/Bassett); 28/13 (both Johnsons); 35/5 (House, 1867 Johnson); 37/4-5 (House); 38/12-19S (1867 Johnson); 39/20 (1867 Johnson); 41/12-13 (1867 Johnson); 42/20, 22, 31 (House and 1867 Johnson); 70/5, 13-23SI (Johnson, Bassett, Möller); 72/6I


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, First Presbyterian Church (merged 1871 with Calvary Presbyterian Church, merged 1912 with Forty-First Street Presbyterian Church (1892 J. W. Steere & Sons opus 331), merged 1918 with Sixth Presbyterian Church (1875 merger of Grace and Ninth Presbyterian Churches—see Sixth Presbyterian Church), merged 1926 with Woodlawn Presbyterian Church (W. W. Kimball), merged c. 1928 with Crerar Memorial Presbyterian Church), 1906 alterations to 1872 Hook & Hastings (opus 649), which replaced 1857 Hall & Labagh, burned 1871, relocated and rebuilt 1913 Coburn & Taylor (rebuilt by Casavant (opus 1106) for Beach Bluff, Massachusetts, residence of H. R. Austin, now in Saint Matthew Roman Catholic Church, Central Falls, Rhode Island), replaced 1923 Skinner (opus 348—remains today in Metropolitan Community Church), new building has 1928 M. P. Möller (opus 5001), also 1928 M. P. Möller (opus 5175) in chapel, Grand Avenue building now Metropolitan Community Church—20/18 (Hook); 25/21, 23 (Hook); 26/19 (Hook & Hastings); 28/13 (Hook & Hastings); 35/5 (Hall & Labagh), 8-12 (pre-organ); 36/10-12 (Hall & Labagh); 40/15 (Hall & Labagh); 42/26, 30-31 (Hall & Labagh); 58/14-16S; 60/18; 62/10; 69/20 (Skinner); 70/5, 33-49SPI (Hook & Hastings/Skinner/Möller)


Unknown (?):  Chicago, Illinois, Holy Family Catholic Church, replaced 1865 Pilcher & Chant (opus 66), from Chicago, Illinois, Reed’s Temple of Music, 1870 Mitchell, rebuilt 1892 Frank Roosevelt (opus 498), rebuilt 1922 Tellers-Kent, rebuilt 1950 Austin (opus 2159), sold and removed 1971 (gallery only) to Lake Zurich, Illinois, Saint Peter United Church of Christ, rebuilt by Temple Organ Company (Burlington, Iowa), lower gallery 1905 Colburn & Taylor, rebuilt into Austin organ (opus 2168), rebuilt Berghaus; 1879 Steinmeyer organ—13/6-8, 14-16, 18SPI (Mitchell/Roosevelt/Austin, Coburn & Taylor); 14/14 (unknown/Pilcher/Mitchell); 15/9 (Mitchell), 18-25, 38SP; 17/24 (Mitchell/Roosevelt); 18/6 (Mitchell); 22/12-19 (Mitchell); 25/21 (Mitchell); 26/19 (Mitchell); 35/4-6 (Pilcher, Mitchell); 38/8S (Pilcher), 14-15 (Mitchell); 40/8; 41/13-14 (Mitchell); 42/19S, 31 (Pilcher); 42/31, 43/30, 32 (Mitchell); 49/2-3S (Steinmeyer); 72/9


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Holy Trinity (Polish) Catholic Church, replaced 1909 Louis Van Dinter & Son, rebuilt 1957 Emmanuel Semerad—15/3-5SI; 21/3; 24/11; 27/9; 28/6, 24; 29/35; 42/5, 11-12, 15, 17; 52/6, 11S, 20


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, building now La Salle Street Church (18??)—15/14, 34


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Hyde Park Baptist Church (c. 1890), founded as First Baptist Church of Hyde Park, later Hyde Park Union Church, replaced 1914 Skinner (opus 211), rebuilt 1956 M. P. Möller—70/5, 9-13SI (Skinner/Möller)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Illinois Street Mission Church, burned 1871—40/7; 42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, La Salle Street Church, built as Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (18??)—15/14, 34


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Lincoln Park Congregational Church, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, New Church Temple (Swedenborgian)—25/23; 26/20


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, New England Congregational Church (1872), replaced 1863 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 321), burned 1871, replaced 1875 Hook & Hastings (opus 809)—25/21 (1863 Hook); 26/19; 28/13 (opus 321); 35/5; 37/13, 15-16; 42/25, 30-31


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Newsboy Mission Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, North Side Synagogue, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, North Star Baptist Church, burned 1871, rebuilt as La Salle Avenue Baptist Church, 1888 Hook & Hastings (opus 1397)—26/19; 42/25; 70/15


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Norwegian Lutheran Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Oakland Congregational Church, burned 1871—25/21; 35/6; 42/20, 22; 66/16


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Orchard Street Mission Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Our Saviour (Norwegian) Lutheran (1871)—35/6; 42/2


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church (1855), burned 1871 replacement possibly 1893 Lyon & Healy, built for Chicago, Illinois, 1893 World’s Fair (Columbian Exposition) (?), burned 1953, rebuilt William Delle—13/8-9, 13SI (Delle); 17/11, 14-15, 35; 18/11; 35/5; 36/8-9; 42/31; 78/3I


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Railroad Chapel (Presbyterian, 1864), burned 1871, later 1891 Wirsching Church Organ Company—17/6; 35/5; 38/6; 42/31; 70/34; 71/10-11SI (Steere & Turner/Skinner)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Redeemer Episcopal Church, replaced 1905 Hillgreen-Lane & Co. (opus 106), rebuilt 1916 Hillgreen-Lane & Co. (opus 457), rebuilt 1921 Hillgreen-Lane & Co. (opus 614), church merged with Saint Paul Episcopal Church to form Saint Paul and the Redeemer Episcopal Church (see also Saint Paul Episcopal Church)—70/5, 26-28S (Hillgreen-Lane)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Rogers Park Presbyterian Church (1916), replaced 1927 Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling, altered 1988 John Wesche—65/15, 19-22, 28SI (Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Ansgarius (Swedish) Episcopal Church (1856), possibly replaced by 1871 Pilcher Bros. (opus 132)—35/5-6; 36/8; 42/20, 25, 31


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Barbara Catholic Church, rebuilt 1998 David Skinner—50/5-6, 9S; 94/14-17SI


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church, rebuilt 1979-1980 Walter Whitehouse—3/6, 10-11S


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Clement Catholic Church (1918), replaced 1929 M. P. Möller (opus 5563), moved c. 1983 to Chicago, Illinois, Saint Cajetan Catholic Church, enlarged by Bradford, replaced 1983 Casavant (opus 3557)—28/6, 16 (Casavant); 29/33 (Casavant)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Francis Catholic Church—26/19


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Gregory Catholic Church (1906), replaced 1925 M. P. Möller (opus 4371)—79/3-10SI (Möller)


Unknown:  now in Chicago, Illinois, Saint John Cantius (Polish) Catholic Church, 19th century, restored mid-1990's Paul Szymkowski—52/6, 14, 20


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint John Episcopal Church (1861)—35/5; 37/13


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Josephat Catholic Church, 1950's rebuild of 1924 Kilgen—3/1-3S; 45/7S


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Leo the Great—75/5-6


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Louis Catholic Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Martin Catholic Church, replaced 1880 Johnson & Son (opus 543), built for Chicago, Illinois, Central Music Hall, rebuilt for Saint Martin by Coburn & Taylor.  Church closed 1990, organ removed—86/1I (unknown)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Michael Catholic Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Paul Catholic Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Paul Episcopal Church, no date, replaced 1915 Austin (opus 579), burned 1956, replaced 1958 M. P. Möller (opus 8516), built as opus 8443 for San Francisco, California, American Guild of Organists National Convention, relocated and rebuilt as opus 8516 for New York City, New York, Saint Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church, studio of Ernest White, to be replaced 2003 Pasi—70/5, 23-33SPI (Austin/Möller); 71/21S (Pasi)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church (1854), burned 1871, congregation later Saint Paul Evangelical and Reformed Church, now Saint Paul United Church of Christ—35/5; 36/8; 42/25, 31


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Paul German Lutheran Church (1854), burned 1871, congregation later Saint Paul Lutheran (Missouri Synod), now First Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Lancashire-Marshall, replaced 1959 Casavant (opus 2359, built for Bay City, Michigan, Madison Avenue Methodist Church, now in Chicago, Illinois, Saint Alphonsus Catholic Church), replaced in new building 1972 Schlicker—15/36-37 (Lancashire-Marshall/Casavant/Schlicker); 35/5 (unknown); 36/8 (unknown); 42/25, 31 (unknown); 63/2 (Casavant)


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois:  Saint Wenceslaus Catholic Church, replaced 1934 Wicks Organ Company (opus 1235, built for Chicago, Illinois, Saint Mary of Nazareth Hospital Chapel, removed to Darien, Illinois, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church), replaced1992 J. W. Walker & Sons, Ltd.—98/4-5SI


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal Church, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown (possibly 1857 House):  Chicago, Illinois, Second Baptist Church, burned 1871—38/12; 42/20, 22


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Second Baptist Church (possibly House from First Baptist Church), also unknown organ c. 1877, replaced 1883 Schlaudecker—25/23 (1877 unknown); 26/19; 33/7-9, 11I (Schlaudecker); 35/5 (House), 6 (Unknown); 37/4-5 (House); 38/12; 42/20, 22


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Second German Baptist Church, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Second Universalist Church—25/21


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Seventh Presbyterian Church, burned 1871—25/21; 35/6; 42/20,22


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Sinai Congregation Synagogue, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Sons of Peace Synagogue, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Swedish Baptist Church, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Van Buren Street German Methodist Episcopal Church, burned 1871—42/25


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Wilson Street Mission Church, burned 1871—42/26


Unknown:  Chicago, Illinois, Young Men’s Christian Association—22/12; 38/14


Unknown:  Cicero, Illinois, Saint Frances of Rome Catholic Church, rebuilt 1977 Berghaus—28/37


Unknown:  Evanston, Illinois, Saint Luke Episcopal Church, replaced 1894 Hook & Hastings (opus 1605), replaced 1906 Colburn & Taylor, replaced 1922 Skinner (opus 327), altered 1959 Æolian-Skinner (opus 327-A), chapel organ 1910 Casavant (opus 386), replaced 1959 M. P. Möller (opus 9244), later alterations by Tellers, later alterations by Kurt Roderer, also work by Frank J. Sauter & Sons, Inc., chapel organ sold 1986 to Rosemont, Illinois, Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, restorations 1990’s Thompson-Allen, also c. 1986 Karl Wilhelm positiv—15/26-32 SI (Skinner/Casavant/Möller); 28/9 (Skinner); 65/6-12, 14SI (Skinner/Casavant/Möller)


Unknown:  Evanston, Illinois, Saint Matthew Episcopal Church, replaced 1977 Casavant Frères, Limitée (opus 3354), Saint Mary Chapel, 1989 Bradford Organ Company—96/18-20SI (both organs)


Unknown:  Evansville, Indiana, Saint Mary Catholic Church, replaced 1923 Estey Organ Company opus 2100, replaced 1941 Wicks Organ Company (opus 2385), ejected 2007—97/7I


Unknown:  Oak Park, Illinois, First Church of Christ, Scientist, building now Arts Center of Oak Park, rebuild of 1916 W. W. Kimball, 2000 tonal reversals by CMC-OHS Chapter—61/7, 11-14SP; 62/30; 67/6, 11I, 17; 68/3, 38I


Unknown:  Oak Park, Illinois, Saint Edmund Catholic Church, alterations to 1913 Casavant Frères (South Haven opus 9), rebuilt 1952 Casavant (opus 2111), 2000 renovation by Berghaus—61/7, 14-15S; 62/30; 67/6-7I; 68/3


Unknown:  Oak Park, Illinois, Unity Temple Unitarian/Universalist Church (c. 1897), burned 1905, replaced 1906 W. W. Kimball, rebuilt 1909 Coburn & Taylor, replaced by second-hand M. P. Möller, removed 1990’s—67/7-8I


Unknown:  Palatine, Illinois, Saint John United Church of Christ, likely Emil Witzmann (1880’s)—37/17; 57/5, 7S, 11; 58/22


Unknown:  Skokie, Illinois, Saint Paul Lutheran Church (c. 1911), replaced 1927 Wangerin, altered 1960’s unknown, relocated to New Richmond, Wisconsin, Lutheran Church, replaced 1974 Lawrence Phelps and Associates—63/2; 69/7-10SI; 71/22 (Phelps)


Unknonn:  Techny, Illinois, Saint Anne’s Home, rebuilt Wiener Bros., rebuilt Wangerin, sold 1982—24/20 (insert)


Unknown:  Gary, Indiana, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, rebuild of Bennett (?)—60/15-16S


Unknown:  Indianapolis, Indiana, Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral (1838)—97/16


Unknown:  Sherrill, Iowa, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church—40/22


Unknown:  Woburn, Massachusetts, First Congregational Church, c. 1913 alterations to 1860 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 283), 1992 restoration George Bozeman, Jr. & Co.—44/4; 69/32


Unknown:  New York City, New York, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, mid-1960's—20/29


Unknown:  Cleveland, Ohio, Saint Paul Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod), replaced 1948 Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling (job number 1636)—98/16-18SI (Holtkamp)


Unknown:  now in Portland, Oregon, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, rebuild 1984 by Bond—57/14


Unknown:  now in Portland, Oregon, Saint Ignatius Catholic Church, c. 1880 unknown, rebuilt c. 1901 Geo. Kilgen & Son, rebuilt 1982 Bond—57/14-15


Unknown (Dutch):  now in Portland, Oregon, Saint Mark Cathedral (Anglican), rebuilt Frans Bosman, Portland (1982)—57/13


Unknown (English):  now in Portland, Oregon, Saint Patrick Church, restored by Bond (1987)—57/13


Unknown:  Green Lane, Pennsylvania, Goschenhoppen Historians' Auditorium, Red Men's Hall (1864)—53/16


Unknown:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church (c. 1860), rebuilt 1894 Bernard Mudler—53/13


Unknown:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Trinity Episcopal Church, later Cathedral, 1950’s and 1970’s rebuild of 1913 M. P. Möller (opus 1600), a rebuild of 1893 Pilcher, built for Chicago, Illinois, World’s Fair (1893, Columbian Exposition), Manufactures Building, Liberal Arts Hall, (replacing c. 1869 Jardine, rebuilt 1892 Frederick H. James)—17/11, 15-20, 37SI (Pilcher); 18/11-15


Unknown:  Reading, Pennsylvania, Historical Society of Berks County and Museum (c. 1821)—53/16


Unknown:  now in Columbia, South Carolina, Trinity Lutheran Church—35/17-18


Unknown:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Saint Francis Catholic Church, replaced 1885 Wm. Schuelke (opus 34)—26/9, 11-13SI


Unknown (3 organs):  Montréal, Québec, Canada, Basilique de Notre-Dame (c. 1701), replaced 1792 Henry Holland, replaced unknown, replaced unknown, replaced 1858 S. R. Warren, rebuilt 1890 Casavant (opus 26), electrified 1924 Casavant (opus 1032), tonal revisions 1991 Casavant, also 1888 Casavant (opus 18), moved to Sacre-Couer Chapel, rebuilt 1943 Casavant (opus 1727), burned 1978, replaced 1982 Guilbault-Thérien (opus 17)—67/13


Unknown:  Montréal, Québec, Canada, Chapelle du Grand Seminaire (c. 1864), also 1883 Hook & Hastings (opus 1186), also c. 1907 Joseph Émil Pépin, rebuilt 1938 Casavant (opus 1596) and 1964 Odilon Jacques, replaced 1990 Guilbault-Thérien (opus 35)—67/12


Unknown:  Quebec, Canada, Cathedral (c. 1800 English), rebuilt 1864 Louis Mitchell—22/13


Unknown:  Westmount, Québec, Canada, Saint Matthias Church, replaced by Joseph Pépin (?), moved 1912 as Casavant (opus 484-1/2), rebuilt 1952 Casavant (opus 2113), replaced 1973 Wilhelm (opus 31)—67/12 (Wilhelm)