Instruments—by Builders – R


Reisner:  Chicago, Illinois, Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist, 1940's console for 1911 Hook & Hastings (opus 2265)—62/19-21SP; 71/5I; 72/4I



Reuter (opus 1058):  Chicago, Illinois, Edgebrook Lutheran Church (1953)—90/1, 10-11SI


Reuter:  Chicago, Illinois, Cathedral of the Holy Name, pipework and console for 1877 Johnson & Son (opus 501), rebuilt 1918 Wangerin-Weickhardt, rebuilt 1950’s Frank Sauter, replaced 1858 Erben, rebuilt/replaced 1866 Chant, burned 1871, replaced 1989 by Flentrop, (some pipes now in Whiting, Indiana, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 1923 Skinner (opus 405, rebuilt, Bradford), other pipework in Chicago, Illinois, Saint Gabriel Catholic Church, 1953 Delle (?), Reuter console now at Mundelein, Illinois, Saint Mary of the Lake Seminary, Chapel, chancel has 1981 Casavant (opus 3537)—13/10-11, 13-14SI (Johnson/Wangerin/Reuter, Casavant); 25/23 (Johnson); 26/19 (Johnson); 28/14 (Johnson); 35/5-6 (Erben, Chant); 37/5-6 (Erben/ Chant); 42/20, 26, 30-32 (Chant); 42/31 (Erben); 59/6-8; 62/19, 21-23S


Reuter (opus 185):  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Basil Catholic Church (1926), removed c. 1990, church demolished 1998, replaced (?) 1913 M. P. Möller (opus 1496), parish merged with Visitation Catholic Church to form Saint Basil-Visitation Catholic Church, Visitation Catholic Church, 1910 Casavant (opus 427), replaced 1929 Austin (opus 1670), Casavant moved 1929 to Cicero, Illinois, Mary, Queen of Heaven Catholic Church, rebuilt 1954 Casavant (opus 2281), altered 1970’s D. S. Wentz, restoration ongoing 1990’s Michael Perrault—63/4-5S (Reuter); 66/11-15SI; 67/8, 18 (Visitation)


Reuter:  Decatur, Illinois, Saint John Episcopal Church, rebuild of 1884 Hilbourne L. Roosevelt (opus 146, built for Chicago, Illinois, Saint Clement Episcopal Church, moved to Decatur 1892), replaced 1884 Pilcher, replaced Jardine—32/4


Reuter (opus 1461):  Downers Grove, Illinois, Immanuel Lutheran Church (1964), rebuilt 1982 Berghaus—28/38


Reuter (opus 1020):  Evanston, Illinois, Garret Theological Seminary, Chapel, 1952 rebuild of 1886 Roosevelt (opus 299), built for Evanston, Illinois, First Congregational Church, replaced 1873 Steere & Turner (opus 33), burned, Roosevelt fire-damaged, repaired by James Topp, installed by Frank C. Wichlac & Son, replaced 1993 Casavant, replaced at First Church 1927 Skinner (opus 616)—69/7, 13-22SPI (Roosevelt/Reuter/Skinner); 70/43 (Skinner); 71/22 (Skinner)


Reuter:  Indianapolis, Indiana, Roberts Park United Methodist Church (1973), 1876 Wm. H. Clarke & Co., replaced 1915 Ernest M. Skinner Company—95/1I; 96/22


Reuter:  La Grange, Illinois, c. 1957 console for First Congregational Church, 1937 Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling (job number 1600), now in Chicago, Illinois, Immaculate Conception (1977)—53/9


Reuter (opus 1477):  La Grange, Illinois, First Congregational Church (1963), chapel installation, church:  Verney, replaced 1937 Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling (console replaced 1957, relocated 1977 to Chicago, Illinois, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, by John Vroom and altered), replaced 1978 Van Daalen—53/9, 11S; 85/13-14SI (all organs); 86/6


Reuter (proposal):  Gary, Indiana, First Congregational Church, (1925)—60/7S


Reuter-Schwarz (opus 2):  Matoon, Illinois, Trinity Episcopal Church (1917)—7/9-10S


Reuter (opus 3):  Mason City, Iowa, First Christian Church (1917)—20/29


Reuter (opus 1236):  Ann Arbor, Michigan, First United Methodist Church (1958), rebuild of 1940 W. W. Kimball, 1988 Reuter console—48/4


Reuter:  Ann Arbor, Michigan, Trinity Luthern Church (1937), built for Chicago, Illinois, music store—24/22


Reuter (opus 1012):  South Bend, Indiana, First Presbyterian Church (1952), rebuilt 1992 Reuter, earlier building had 1877 Johnson & Son (opus 500), replaced, c.1910 Hope-Jones, later People’s Church, later Ambassadors for Christ—73/13-14SI (Hope-Jones)


Reuter (opus 1152):  Akron, Ohio, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (1955), rebuild of 1914 M. P. Möller (opus 1575), rebuilt 1983 Berghaus—28/38


Reuter: Middletown, Ohio, Broadway Methodist Church (now First United Methodist) (1974), replaced 1916 M. P. Möller (1935 console) (which replaced Barkhoff)—47/6-7S (Möller)


Reuter (opus 227):  Portland, Oregon, Congregation Beth Israel (1928)—57/12


Reuter:  Cheyenne, Wyoming, Saint Mark Episcopal Church (1951), replaced c. 1887 Alexander Mills (sold 1953 to Cheyenne, Wyoming, First Covenant Church)—14/8-11 (insert) SI (Mills)



Reynolds Associates, Inc.:  Indianapolis, Indiana:  Broadway United Methodist Church (2001)—96/21, 22I


Reynolds Associates, Inc.:  Indianapolis, Indiana, North United Methodist Church (2004), rebuild of 1931 W. W. Kimball (opus 7096), altered, chapel:  1997 Orgues Létourneau—96/22; 97/18-22SPI



Richards, Fowkes, & Co. (opus 10):  Boston, Massachusetts, First Lutheran Church (2000)—69/33


Richards, Fowkes & Co.:  New Brunswick, New Jersey, Christ Episcopal Church (2001)—85/22



Rieger:  Valparaiso, Indiana, William Walton residence (1980), relocated 2001 by Berghaus to Valparaiso, Indiana, Valparaiso University, Chapel of the Resurrection—68/33-34S; 74/16


Rieger:  Oxford, England, Christ Church Cathedral—15/17



Roberts, John:  Chicago, Illinois, New Jerusalem Swedenborgian Church (1863), burned 1871 (erroneously listed as Edwards or Nichols)—35/5; 37/18-22SI; 38/3S; 42/26, 31; 98/22



Roche:  now in Hamden, Connecticut, Grace and Saint Peter Episcopal Church, 1979 rebuild of 1870 Wm. B. D. Simmons—45/6



Roderer, Kurt:  Colorado Springs, Colorado, First Congregational Church, 1973 rebuild of 1889 Hook & Hastings (opus 1432)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Barrington, Illinois, Saint Michael Episcopal Church, 1973 revoicing of 1970 Bosch (opus 578)—18/18-19SI


Roderer, Kurt:  Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Howard Brown residence (1968)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Chicago, Illinois, Fourth Presbyterian Church (1970), sold 1971 to Palos Park, Illinois, Transfiguration Episcopal Church—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Chicago, Illinois, Pullman (Greenstone) United Methodist Church, built as Pullman Palace Car Company Church, later Presbyterian Church, merged 2002 with South Deering United Methodist Church and New Fellowship United Methodist Church (merger of West Pullman United Methodist Church, 1926 M. P. Möller opus 4448, and Saint Stephen United Methodist Church, 1911 Estey opus 849, using West Pullman facility, Saint Stephen facility later Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, still later Starlight Saint James Missionary Baptist Church), using Pullman facility, 1968 rebuild of 1882 Steere & Turner (opus 170)—17/3-7SI; 18/20; 28/6, 26; 29/33; 53/6-7S; 54/9; 56/21; 58/21; 62/29; 64/13; 68/37I; 75/7, 9; 76/4 (merger), 8-9, 23 (Convention); 77/27; 80/7; 82/22; 84/3


Roderer, Kurt:  Chicago, Illinois, University of Chicago, Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, 1976 rebuild of 1927 Skinner (opus 634), alterations by David Skinner, gallery organ rebuilt by Schlicker, some restoration by Bradford—16/22-24, 29SI; 28/9


Roderer, Kurt:  Crescent City, Illinois, Saint Peter Lutheran Church, 1970 rebuild of 1901 Hinners—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Crystal Lake, Illinois, Michael and Susan Friesen residence, built 1984 for Hoffman Estates—28/41


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Dr. Richard Enright residence (1971)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Immanuel Lutheran Church (1981)—28/41


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University (1968)—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University, Vail Chapel, 1969 rebuild of 1860 Hook (opus 265, built for Thomaston, Maine, Congregational Church)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University (1970)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University (1975)—28/41


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Karel Paukert residence (1971), now in Cleveland, Ohio—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Saint Luke Episcopal Church, alterations to 1922 Skinner (opus 327), incorporated 1910 Casavant (opus 386) in chapel, replaced 1906 Colburn & Taylor, replaced 1894 Hook & Hastings (opus 1605), replaced unknown, altered 1959 Æolian-Skinner (opus 327-A), chapel organ replaced 1959 M. P. Möller (opus 9244), later alterations by Tellers, also work by Frank J. Sauter & Sons, Inc., chapel organ sold 1986 to Rosemont, Illinois, Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, restorations 1990’s Thompson-Allen, also c. 1986 Karl Wilhelm positiv—15/26-32 SI (insert) (Skinner/Casavant/Möller); 28/9 (Skinner); 65/6-12, 14SI (Skinner/Casavant/Möller)


Roderer, Kurt:  Evanston, Illinois, Seabury-Western Seminary, Chapel of Saint John the Divine, 1998 installation of Casavant (opus 3245), built for Rockford, Illinois, Our Savior Lutheran Church (1975), replaced 1933 M. P. Möller (opus 6143), built for Chicago, Illinois, World’s Fair, House of Religion, altered 1970’s—24/22-28, 34-37 SI (Möller); 28/9 (Möller)


Roderer, Kurt:  Highland Park, Illinois, Arlene Milani residence (1973)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Michael and Susan Friesen residence (1984), now in Crystal Lake—28/41


Roderer, Kurt:  Morris, Illinois, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (1974)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Morton Grove, Illinois, Community Presbyterian Church (1975)—28/41


Roderer, Kurt:  Northfield, Illinois, Margaret Kemper residence (1968)—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Oak Park, Illinois, First Congregational Church, 1972 rebuild of 1918 Skinner (opus 274), replaced 1983 Casavant (opus 3544), pipework rebuilt for Rockford, Illinois, Second Congregational Church by Pipe Organ Specialties, now First United Church of Oak Park—28/9 (Skinner); 61/8 (Skinner)


Roderer, Kurt:  Skokie, Illinois (Evanston mailing addres), Trinity Lutheran Church (1971), old church housed 1911 Hinners, chapel to present church houases 1905 Hinners, built for Aurora, Illinois, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, sold to Skokie 1975—12/2 (Roderer); 19/22-25SI (both organs); 28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Wheaton, Illinois, Wheaton College—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Wheaton, Illinois, Wheaton College—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Wilmette, Illinois, Kurt Roderer residence (1981)—28/41


Roderer, Kurt:  Woodworth, Illinois, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, 1970 rebuild of 1892 Pfeffer—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Fort Wayne, Indiana, Concordia College, now Concordia Seminary (1971)—28/40-1


Roderer, Kurt:  Fort Wayne, Indiana, Grace Lutheran Church (1979)—28/41


Roderer, Kurt:  Hobart, Indiana, Augustana Lutheran Church (1981)—28/41


Roderer, Kurt:  Logansport, Indiana, Trinity Episcopal Church, 1970’s rebuild of 1877 Hook & Hastings (opus 877)—24/10-11SI


Roderer, Kurt:  Plymouth, Indiana, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, c. 1972 rebuild of 1907 Henry Pilcher's Sons (opus 601)—22/3-4 (cover) SI


Roderer, Kurt:  Upland, Indiana, Taylor University, 1972 Roderer—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Valparaiso, Indiana, Valparaiso University, Chapel of the Resurrection, 1958 Schlicker (voicing/maintenance)—28/39


Roderer, Kurt:  Valparaiso, Indiana, Valparaiso Univeristy (1968)—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Valparaiso, Indiana, Valparaiso University (1969)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Decorah, Iowa, Luther College (1970), built for Appleton, Wisconsin, Miriam Clapp Duncan residence, sold to Appleton, Wisconsin, Ronald Wahl residence, later sold to Decorah—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Barien Springs, Michigan, Andrews University (1970)—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Crookston, Minnesota, Mount Saint Benedict Convent (1974)—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Saint Louis, Missouri, Dr. Marie Kremer residence (1970)—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  New York City, New York, American Guild of Organists National Convention, installation of 1956 Flentrop—28/39


Roderer, Kurt:  Cleveland, Ohio, Karel Paukert residence, built for Evanston, Illinois (1971)—28/40-1


Roderer, Kurt:  Albany, Texas, Matthews Memorial Presbyterian Church, 1956 Otto Hoffmann, assistance with installation—28/39


Roderer, Kurt:  Appleton, Wisconsin, Miriam Clapp Duncan residence (1970), sold to Appleton, Wisconsin, Ronald Wahl residence, sold to Decorah, Iowa, Luther College—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Appleton, Wisconsin, Lawrence University (1970)—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Appleton, Wisconsin, Ronald Wahl residence, 1970 Roderer, built for Appleton, Wisconsin, Miriam Clapp Duncan residence, later sold to Decorah, Iowa, Luther College—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Eau Claire, Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin (1971)—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Alverno College, 1970 Roderer built for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Saint Joseph Convent—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Saint Joseph Convent, sold, 1970 to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Alverno College—28/40-41


Roderer, Kurt:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Saint Joseph Convent, 1970 Roderer—28/40


Roderer, Kurt:  Racine, Wisconsin, Unitarian-Universalist Church (built as Good Shepherd Church), 1970 rebuild of 1903 Hutchings-Votey (opus 1503 or 1518)—11/4, 8SI; 28/40



Roosevelt, Hilbourne:  New York City, New York, Grace (Episcopal) Church (1878)—43/5


Roosevelt, Hilbourne L. (opus 79):  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church (1880)—53/14


Roosevelt, Hilbourne L. (opus 125):  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Saint Clement Episcopal Church, rebuilt 1914 Austin (opus 507)—53/14


Roosevelt, Hilbourne L.: Great Barrington, Massachusetts, First Congregational Church (1883)—18/9, 16


Roosevelt, Hilbourne, L. (opus 146):  built for Chicago, Illinois, Saint Clement Episcopal Church (1884), moved in 1892 to Decatur, Illinois, Saint John Episcopal Church, which replaced 1884 Pilcher, which replaced Jardine, Roosevelt rebuilt by Reuter—25/23; 26/19; 32/4


Roosevelt, Hilbourne L. (opus 148):  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Fifth Baptist Church, now Highway Tabernacle Church (1884), restored 1987 Patrick J. Murphy & Associates—53/15


Roosevelt, Hilbourne L. (opus 294):  now in Cathlamet, Puget Sound, Washington, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church (1885)—57/15


Roosevelt, Hilborne L. (opus 297):  built for Washington, DC, Willard Hotel (1885), later in Deland, Florida, Robert Gellerman residence, relocated 2003 to Gary, Indiana, Stephen Schnurr residence—81/3-4S


Roosevelt, Hilborne L. (opus 299):  Evanston, Illinois, First Congregational Church (1886), replaced 1873 Steere & Turner (opus 33), burned, Roosevelt fire-damaged, repaired by James Topp (relocated to Evanston, Illinois, Garrett Theological Seminary, Chapel, rebuilt 1952 Reuter (opus 1020), installed by Frank C. Wichlac & Son, replaced 1993 Casavant), replaced 1927 Skinner (opus 616)—69/7, 13-22SPI (Roosevelt/Reuter/Skinner); 70/43 (Skinner); 71/22 (Skinner)


Roosevelt, Frank (opus 374):  New York City, New York, Calvary Church (1887)—43/5


Roosevelt, Frank (opus 380):  Denver, Colorado, Trinity United Methodist Church (1888)—61/25


Roosevelt, Frank (opus 382):  built for Denver, Colorado, Grace Methodist Church, now in Boulder, Colorado, First United Methodist Church (1888)—61/22-23


Roosevelt, Frank (opus 400):  Chicago, Illinois, Auditorium (1889-1890), now Roosevelt University, Auditorium Theatre—15/20, 31; 16/14; 17/27, 29, 38; 19/17; 20/16, 18; 25/4, 8; 62/6; 74/22


Roosevelt, Frank (opus 494):  Chicago, Illinois, Saint James Catholic Church (1891), replaced 1871 Pilcher Bros. (opus 125)—10/5 (Roosevelt); 11/4 (insert) (Roosevelt); 13/3-5SI (Roosevelt); 14/8; 15/20 (Roosevelt); 18/16 (insert); 24/11 (Roosevelt); 28/6, 12, 14, 31 (Roosevelt); 29/33 (Roosevelt); 35/6 (Pilcher); 42/19S (Pilcher); 53/5; 54/12, 16-17S; 56/20; 75/2 (recording), 10; 76/33-34 (Convention); 77/16 (compact disc)


Roosevelt, Frank (opus 498):  Chicago, Illinois, Holy Family Catholic Church, 1892 rebuild of 1870 Louis Mitchell, which replaced (?) 1865 Pilcher & Chant (opus 66), from Chicago, Illinois, Reed’s Temple of Music, which possibly replaced unknown, Roosevelt rebuilt 1922 Tellers-Kent, rebuilt 1950 Austin (opus 2159), sold and removed 1971 (gallery only) to Lake Zurich, Illinois, Saint Peter United Church of Christ, rebuilt by Temple Organ Company (Burlington, Iowa), lower gallery 1905 Colburn & Taylor, rebuilt into Austin organ (opus 2168), rebuilt Berghaus; 1879 Steinmeyer organ—13/6-8, 14-16, 18SPI (Mitchell/Roosevelt/Austin, Coburn & Taylor); 14/14 (unknown/Pilcher/Mitchell); 15/9 (Mitchell), 18-25, 38SP; 17/24 (Mitchell/Roosevelt); 18/6 (Mitchell); 22/12-19 (Mitchell); 25/21 (Mitchell); 26/19 (Mitchell); 35/4-6 (Pilcher, Mitchell); 38/8S (Pilcher), 14-15 (Mitchell); 40/8; 41/13-14 (Mitchell); 42/19S, 31 (Pilcher); 42/31, 43/30, 32 (Mitchell); 49/2-3S (Steinmeyer); 71/8-9I (Mitchell/Steinmeyer/Austin); 72/9


Roosevelt, Frank (opus 506):  built for Chicago, Illinois, Unitarian Church of the Messiah (1892), congregation founded as First Unitarian Church, now known by original name (replaced 1863 Pilcher Bros. opus 53), now in Michigan City, Indiana, First Congregational Church (1891), restored 1998 Rutz—6/3-5SI (Roosevelt); 14/8; 37/16-17S; 53/5 (Roosevelt); 54/8S, 10-11 (Roosevelt); 58/3 (restoration, Rutz); 63/4 (Roosevelt); 65/5, 13 (Roosevelt); 75/10; 76/32-33 (convention); 96/1I


Roosevelt, Frank (opus 532):  Evanston, Illinois, Emmanuel United Methodist Church (1892), rebuilt 1960’s Emanuel Semerad—96/14-16SI; 97/6



Rosales:  Los Angeles, California, Saint James Episcopal Church—58/5


Rosales (opus 11):  Portland, Oregon, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (1987)—57/12



Ruffatti:  San Francisco, California, Grace Cathedral (Episcopal), 1968 console for 1934 Æolian-Skinner (opus 910), rebuilt 1952 (Æolian-Skinner), additions 1972 (Casavant)—49/7


Ruffatti:  San Francisco, California, Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption (1970)—49/7



Ruggles, Charles:  Brownsburg, Indiana, Calvary United Methodist Church (1994)—95/9; 96/24


Ruggles, Charles (opus 17):  Grosse Isle, Michigan, Saint James Episcopal Church (1987)—48/7



Rutz:  Michigan City, Indiana, First Congregational Church, 1998-1999 restoration of 1891 Frank Roosevelt (opus 506), built for Chicago, Illinois, Unitarian Church of the Messiah, moved 1908 to Michigan City by Coburn & Taylor, replaced c. 1881 Moline, burned 1907, which replaced Jardine—6/3-5SI (Roosevelt); 14/8 (Roosevelt); 53/5; 54/8S, 10-11; 58/3 (restoration, Rutz); 63/4 (Roosevelt/Rutz); 75/10; 76/32-33 (convention)


Rutz:  Valparaiso, Indiana, Saint Paul Catholic Church, Chapel of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, restoration of 1883 Johnson & Son (opus 615), built for Faribault, Minnesota, First Congregational Church, then in Faribault, Minnesota, Masonic Temple—54/6S; 69/29I (Johnson & Son); 75/10



Ryder & Co., Geo. H. (opus 101):  Leadville, Colorado, Saint George Episcopal Church (1882)—61/24


Ryder & Co., Geo. H. (opus 156): Naugatuck, Connecticut, Saint Francis Catholic Church (1890)—45/5