Instruments—by Builders – F


Fabry:  Barrington, Illinois, Barrington United Methodist Church, 1997 rebuild of 1960's unknown with 1960 M. P. Möller (opus 9446), built for Barrington, Illinois, Henry Beard residence (1960), burned 1998—62/12-13S


Fabry:  Chicago, Illinois, North Shore Baptist Church, 2002 rebuild of 1922 Austin Organ Company (opus 1075)—92/9-13SI


Fabry:  Chicago, Illinois, Orchestra Hall, now Symphony Center, 1995 rebuild console of 1981 M. P. Möller (opus 11427), replaced 1904 Lyon & Healy (opus 164, factory number 1417), removed 1966, rebuilt 1997 Casavant—25/11


Fabry:  Zion, Illinois, Catholic Christian Church, relocation and rebuilding of 1929 Welte-Tripp, built for Chicago, Illinois, Saint Augustine Catholic Church (replaced 1905 William Schuelke, church closed 1990, demolished)—20/3-8 (cover)SI



Farrand & Votey (opus 71):  Elgin, Illinois, First Congregational Church (1893), rebuilt hybrid, rebuilt 1970 Berghaus—28/37


Farrand & Votey (opus 88):  Denver, Colorado, All Saints' Episcopal Church, now Chapel of Our Most Merciful Saviour (1890)—61/25


Farrand & Votey (opus 119):  Chicago, Illinois, Epiphany Episcopal Church 1892 (with Austin console), rebuilt 1912 Frank E. Morton, since altered, including parts from Winnetka, Illinois, Christ Church, Episcopal, Austin (opus 1274), ?replaced 1857 Hall & Labagh (from Chicago, Illinois, Saint James Episcopal Church?)—3/1, 6, 11-13, 15S (Farrand & Votey); 15/8; 17/11 (Farrand & Votey); 24/11 (Farrand & Votey); 25/30-31, 33I (Farrand & Votey); 26/19 (Hall & Labagh); 27/21 (Morton); 28/6, 30 (Farrand & Votey); 29/33 (Farrand & Votey); 37/3-4 (Hall & Labagh/Johnson); 41/14 (Hall & Labagh); 54/12, 18-20S; 57/19


Farrand & Votey:  Chicago, Illinois, Second Presbyterian Church (see also Olivet Presbyterian Church), 1892 rebuild of 1873 Johnson & Son (opus 410), which replaced 1854 Andrews, rebuilt 1864 Chant, burned 1871, rebuilt 1901 Hutchings-Votey (opus 535), rebuilt 1917 Austin (opus 767)—25/18, 21 (Chant), 23 (Johnson), 31 (Johnson/Farrand & Votey); 26/19 (Johnson), 21 (Andrews/Chant); 28/13 (Andrews/Chant, Johnson); 35/5 (Andrews); 36/4-8S (Andrews/Chant); 39/8; 42/26 (Andrews/Chant); 54/12; 55/6-10S (Austin); 56/19-20


Farrand & Votey:  Chicago, Illinois, World’s Fair (1893, Columbian Exposition), Michigan Building, Farrand & Votey—17/11, 15; 18/11


Farrand & Votey (opus 700):  built for Chicago, Illinois, 1893 World’s Fair (Columbian Exposition), Festival Hall, now in Ann Arbor, Michigan, University of Michigan, Hill Auditorium, rebuilt 1913 Hutchings, rebuilt 1927 Skinner (opus 664), rebuilt 1955 Æolian-Skinner (opus 664-A)—17/11, 20-30, 37S; 18/10-15; 19/14-21; 20/11-21; 21/8-22; 48/6


Farrand & Votey (opus 776):  Denver, Colorado, South Gate Lodge No. 138, A. F. & A. M., (c. 1897), built for Las Vegas, New Mexico, Joshua Raynolds residence—61/23


Farrand & Votey (opus 828):  built for Chicago, Illinois, First Church of Christ, Scientist (1897), building now Grant Memorial AME Church, (First Church combined 1950 with Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist, kept First Church name, congregation gone, Ninth Church building housed 1917 Austin (opus 681), with 1922 Austin addition), rebuilt 1916 Leonard D. Morris, replaced 1924 Skinner (opus 435), Farrand & Votey sold to River Forest, Illinois, Concordia Teacher's College, Auditorium/Chapel, broken up for parts (replaced 1958 Schlicker, now in Music Building, new building has 1980's W. Zimmer & Sons, opus 258)—62/19, 25-28S; 65/26 (Austin)



Felgemaker, A. B.:  Summerton, South Carolina, Saint Matthias Episcopal Church (c. 1890)—35/17


Felgemaker & Co., A. B. (opus 601):  North Tonawanda, New York, Ascension Catholic Church (1895), closed 2007—97/13-15SI


Felgemaker, A. B. (opus 676):  Chicago, Illinois, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (88th and Commercial), 1900, replaced 1930 Kilgen (opus 4408)—74/3, 7-9SI (Felgemaker/Kilgen)


Felgemaker, A. B. & Co. (opus 723):  Chicago, Illinois, Saint John Cantius (Polish) Catholic Church (1900), replaced with 1920's Kilgen, altered, rebuilt mid-1990's Daniel Bogue & Associates—52/6, 12S


Felgemaker & Co., A. B. (opus 878):  Indianapolis, Indiana, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (1905)—95/9I; 96/22


Felgemaker & Co., A. B. (opus 908):  Rushville, Indiana. Trinity Presbyterian Church (1906)—95/4I; 96/21, 22-23I


Felgemaker, A. B. (opus 976):  Chicago, Illinois, Masonic Temple (1908), later Bethlehem Healing Temple—74/16-17


Felgemaker, A. B. (opus 977):  Chicago, Illinois, Masonic Temple (1908), later Bethlehem Healing Temple—74/16-17SI


Felgemaker, A. B. (opus 1150):  Erie, Pennsylvania, First Methodist Church (1913), replacing 1873 Derrick & Felgemaker (opus 116), replaced Gottfried, replaced 1975 Phelps—44/11-12


Felgemaker, A. B. (opus 1172): Detroit, Michigan, Zion Lutheran Church (1914), rebuilt 1932 Votteler-Holtkam-Sparling (job number 1576)—48/7


Felgemaker (opus 1200):  Forest Park, Illinois, Saint Peter Lutheran Church (c. 1915/1920)—13/7, 17SI


Felgemaker, Derek:  Portland, Oregon, Westminster Presbyterian Church (1870)—57/12



Fisk, C. B. (opus 46):  Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University, Memorial Church (1967)—69/32


Fisk, C. B. (opus 55):  Boston, Massachusetts, Old West United Methodist Church (1971)—69/33


Fisk, C. B. (opus 67):  Huntington, Indiana, Central Christian Church (1976)—22/20-21SI


Fisk, C. B. (opus 72):  Wellesley, Massachusetts, Wellesley College, Houghton Chapel (1981)—69/34


Fisk, C. B. (opus 78):  Minneapolis, Minnesota, House of Hope Presbyterian Church (1978), replaced 1913 Skinner (opus 214), rebuilt Tellers, Skinner/Tellers altered and moved to Westminster, Colorado, Westminster Methodist Church—4/8 (Fisk)


Fisk, C. B. (opus 87):  Ann Arbor, Michigan, University of Michigan, School of Music, Margaret Dow Towsley Center, Blanche Anderson Moore Hall (1985)—48/6



Flentrop:  New York City, New York, American Guild of Organists National Convention display (1956), sold to Oberlin, Ohio, Fenner Douglass residence, sold to Oberlin, Ohio, Oberlin Conservatory of Music—28/39


Flentrop:  Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University, Busch-Reisinger Museum (1958)—28/35


Flentrop:  Seattle, Washington, Saint Mark Episcopal Cathedral (1965), replaced 1903 W. W. Kimball—14/10 (Flentrop); 16/27 (Flentrop); 30/5 (Kimball); 57/12-13 (Flentrop)


Flentrop: De Kalb, Illinois, Northern Illinois University, Music Building, 1970 Flentrop—46/2-3


Flentrop:  Chicago, Illinois, Cathedral of the Holy Name (1989), 1877 Johnson & Son (opus 501), rebuilt 1918 Wangerin-Weickhardt, rebuilt 1950’s Frank Sauter (some pipes now in Whiting, Indiana, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 1923 Skinner (opus 405, rebuilt, Bradford), other pipework at Chicago, Illinois, Saint Gabriel Catholic Church, 1953 Delle (?), Reuter console at Mundelein, Illinois, Saint Mary of the Lake Seminary, Chapel), which replaced 1866 Chant (which was rebuild/replacement of 1858 Erben), burned 1871, chancel has 1981 Casavant (opus 3537)—13/10-11, 13-14SI (Johnson/Wangerin/Reuter, Casavant); 25/23 (Johnson); 26/19 (Johnson); 28/14 (Johnson); 35/5-6 (Erben, Chant); 37/5-6 (Erben/ Chant); 42/20 (Chant); 59/6-8; 62/19, 21-23S


Flentrop:  Chicago, Illinois, Lutheran School of Theology (1981)—16/20, 25SI


Flentrop:  Seattle, Washington, Saint Mark Episcopal Church—99/15



Foley-Baker:  Boston, Massachusetts, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Extension, 1990’s alterations to 1949-1952 Æolian-Skinner (opus 1203), which replaced 1906 Hook & Hastings (opus 2107), altered 1970’s J. H. Steinkampf and Jason McKown, additional work 1990’s Lawrence Phelps—63/2 (Æolian-Skinner/Phelps); 69/32 (Æolian-Skinner/ Phelps)



Fritts, Paul (opus 13):  Beaverton, Oregon, Saint Andrew Lutheran Church (1994)—57/13


Fritts & Co., Paul (opus 24):  South Bend, Indiana, Notre Dame University, Chris and Anne Reyes Organ and Choral Hall (2004)—86/20-21SI



Frobenius:  Belvedere, California, Saint Stephen Episcopal Church—49/7