Instruments—by Builders - B


Bachman, Johann Philip:  Myerstown, Washington, Friedens Lutheran Church (1819), moved c. 1900 to Tacoma, Washington, Saint John Lutheran Church, later in Tacoma, Washington, Paul Fritts & Co.—99/15I



Banahan, John:  Wilmette, Illinois, Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1950’s alterations to 1925 Wangerin (opus 478), replaced 1990 Bradford (opus 6), containing parts of other organs, including 1873 Johnson & Son (opus 389), built for Congregational Church, Chester, Connecticut, later in Lawrence Massachusetts, German Presbyterian Church (later Christ Presbyterian Church), and William Laws organ, assembled for Beverly, Massachusetts, First Presbyterian Church—69/7, 10-13SI (Wangerin/Bradford); 71/22 (Bradford)



Barckhoff:  Chenoa, Illinois, Saint Joseph Catholic Church (c. 1893)—7/2, 5SI


Barckhoff:  Chicago, Illinois, World’s Fair (1893, Columbian Exposition), proposal, not built—18/10


Barckhoff:  Clinton, Illinois, Family of God Church, built as Saint Paul Universalist Church, (c. 1900), rebuilt Degner—7/3-4, 6SI


Barckhoff:  Clinton, Illinois, Saint Paul Universalist Church, later Family of God Church (c. 1900), rebuilt Degner—7/3-4, 6SI


Barckhoff, Carl:  Logansport, Indiana, Saint James Evangelical Lutheran Church (1883)—96/22


Barckhoff, Carl:  Valparaiso, Indiana, Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church (1886), replaced 1914 Hillgreen-Lane & Company (opus 361), rebuilt 1941 Hillgreen-Lane & Company (opus 1062), burned 1975, replaced 1978 Steiner-Reck (opus 62), also 1992 Steiner-Reck—68/26-29SPI (Hillgreen-Lane/Steiner-Reck)


Barckhoff, Carl:  Westfield, Indiana, Joseph G. Roberts residence—96/23


Barckhoff:  Canton, Michigan, Saint John Neumann Catholic Church (1885), rebuilt 1993 Wigton (opus 17-R)—48/7


Barckhoff:  Ypsilanti, Michigan, First Congregational United Church of Christ (1905)—48/6


Barckhoff:  Auburn, New York, Saint Mary Catholic Church (c. 1885)—4/9


Barckhoff:  Brooklyn, New York, Saint John the Baptist Church (1893)—17/31, 36


Barckhoff:  Middletown, Ohio, Broadway United Methodist Church (now First United Methodist Church), replaced 1916 M. P. Möller (1935 console), replaced 1974 Reuter—47/6-7S (Möller)


Barckhoff Church Organ Co., Carl:  Sandusky, Ohio, Holy Angels Catholic Church (1885)—99/14SI


Barckhoff:  Erie, Pennsylvania, Saint Peter Cathedral, 1893 Barckhoff, originally intended for Chicago, Illinois, 1893 World’s Fair (Columbian Exposition)—17/11, 30-31, 36-37S; 18/10


Barckhoff:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Saint John Lutheran Church (1890), rebuilt Wangerin-Weickhardt, later additions Wangerin—26/9-10SI



Barden, Nelson, & Associates:  Boston, Massachusetts, Advent Episcopal Church, restoration of 1935-36 Æolian-Skinner (opus 940), rebuilt 1964 Æolian-Skinner (opus 940-A)—69/32


Barden, Nelson, & Assoc.:  Boston, Massachusetts, Boston University, Boston University symphonic organ—69/31



Bartholomay & Son, F. A.:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Germantown, Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, c. 1932 rebuild of 1862 Hall & Labagh—53/15



Bartola Musical Instrument Co.:  Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Stadium (1929)—46/5-10


Barton (opus 228):  Indianapolis, Indiana, Warren Center for the Performing Arts (1927)—96/23


Barton:  Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Paramount Theatre (1929)—40/23


Barton, Grand:  Ann Arbor, Michigan, Michigan Theatre—48/4



Bassett, Ira:  Chicago, Illinois, First Baptist Church, 1871 rebuild of 1867 Johnson (opus 216), which replaced 1857 House, burned 1874, replaced 1882 Johnson & Son (opus 588), rebuilt 1924 M. P. Möller (opus 3624), now Olivet Baptist Church—14/14 (Johnson/Bassett); 25/21, 22 (1867 Johnson/Bassett), 23 (1882 Johnson); 26/19 (Johnsons/Bassett); 35/5 (House, Johnson); 37/4-5 (House); 38/12-19S (1867 Johnson); 39/20 (1867 Johnson); 41/12-13 (1867 Johnson); 42/20, 22, 31 (House and 1867 Johnson); 71/10; 72/6I


Bassett, Ira (?):  Chicago, Illinois, Plymouth Congregational Church, c. 1875 rebuild (or by Johnson & Son, no opus number?), Henry Erben (1871), possibly replaced 1880’s S. S. Hamill, 1912 building had 1912 Coburn, rebuilt 1916 L. D. Morris, sold 1918 to First Baptist Church, congregation merged c. 1918 with Kenwood Evangelical Church, now Kenwood United Church of Christ (see Kenwood Evangelical Church/United Church of Christ), Morris rebuilt 1961, replaced 1964 M. P. Möller (opus 9964)—26/19; 35/6 (Erben); 41/14-18S (both organs); 66/16; 70/15-18 (Erben/Johnson & Son/Morris/Möller); 72/6I


Bassett, Ira:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Paul Universalist, 1892 rebuild of 1875 Odell (opus 141), replaced 1857 Erben, burned 1871—25/23 (Odell); 26/20 (Odell/Bassett); 35/5; 36/9-10P; 42/26, 30, 31


Bassett, Ira:  Barre, Pennsylvania, Congregational Church (c. 1865), sold 1896 to East Barre, Pennsylvania, Congregational Church—26/18


Bassett, Ira:  Barre, Pennsylvania, Methodist Church, replaced 1904 Hutchings-Votey (opus 1546)—26/18



Bates & Culley:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kensington Methodist Church (Old Brick) (1897)—53/16



Becker, Jack:  Merna, Illinois, Saint Patrick Catholic Church, refurbishment of 1905 Lyon & Healy (opus 192, factory number 1446), destroyed 1982 by tornado—31/30



Becker, Klaus:  South Holland, Illinois, Peace Christian Reformed Church (1973)—17/8-9SI



Becker, Martin:  Monson, Massachusetts, Congregational Church 1952 rebuild of 1892 Johnson & Son (opus 781)—25/21



Bedient:  Rock Island, Illinois, Augustana College, Ascension Chapel—38/22; 40/20



Beiber, Paul:  Chicago, Illinois, Millard Congregational Church, founded as Lawndale Congregational Church, work (?) on 1893 J. W. Steere & Sons (opus 356, built for Chicago, Illinois, Fifth Presbyterian Church), building c. 1997-1998 became Iglesia Advantista del Septimo Dia Hispanico America, Steere moved 1996 to Madison, Wisconsin, Luther Memorial Lutheran Church—23/3-6I (insert); 24/11; 25/21; 26/18; 28/6, 28; 29/33; 30/26; 63/6-7SI



Bennett (opus 1033):  Chicago, Illinois:  Saint Philip Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod), 1929 replaced 1963 Holtkamp Organ Company (job number 1788)—98/6-8SI


Bennett (?):  Gary, Indiana, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, rebuilt unknown—60/15-16S



Berghaus:  Addison, Illinois, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, 1980 Berghaus—28/37


Berghaus:  Arlington Heights, Illinois, Arlington Heights Evangelical Free Church, 1982 rebuild of hybrid/Geneva, burned 1982—28/38


Berghaus:  Aurora, Illinois, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 1981 rebuild of hybrid—28/38


Berghaus:  Beecher, Illinois, Zion Lutheran Church (1973)—28/36


Berghaus:  Bellwood, Illinois, Berghaus Organ Company (1979)—28/37


Berghaus:  Brookfield, Illinois, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, 1982 rebuild of Wicks—28/38


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Ashburn Lutheran Church (1981)—28/38


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows, ongoing restorative repairs to 1902 Lyon & Healy (opus 90, factory number 1342), 1920 Austin console, opus 978)—3/1, 4S; 24/11; 28/6, 27; 29/35; 54/12-15S; 56/19; 62/6; 72/5I; 75/10-11; 76/34 (Convention); 77/3


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Disciples Divinity House, Chapel of the Holy Grail, ongoing restoration of 1930 Æolian (opus 1775), also Skinner proposal (never built)—66/21-24SI; 75/9


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Grace English Lutheran Church, 1971 rebuilt of c. 1950 Reuter (opus 900)—28/37


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Holy Family Catholic Church, rebuild of 1950 Austin organ (opus 2168), rebuild of lower gallery 1905 Colburn & Taylor, also 1865 Pilcher & Chant (opus 66), from Chicago, Illinois, Reed’s Temple of Music, which possibly replaced unknown, also 1870 Louis Mitchell, rebuilt 1892 Frank Roosevelt (opus 498), rebuilt 1922 Tellers-Kent, rebuilt 1950 Austin (opus 2159), sold and removed 1971 (gallery only) to Lake Zurich, Illinois, Saint Peter United Church of Christ, rebuilt by Temple Organ Company (Burlington, Iowa), also 1879 Steinmeyer organ—13/6-8, 14-16, 18SPI (Mitchell/Roosevelt/Austin, Coburn & Taylor); 14/14 (unknown/Pilcher/Mitchell); 15/9 (Mitchell), 18-25, 38SP; 17/24 (Mitchell/Roosevelt); 18/6 (Mitchell); 22/12-19 (Mitchell); 25/21 (Mitchell); 26/19 (Mitchell); 35/4-6 (Pilcher, Mitchell); 38/8S (Pilcher), 14-15 (Mitchell); 40/8; 41/13-14 (Mitchell); 42/19S, 31 (Pilcher); 42/31, 43/30, 32 (Mitchell); 49/2-3S (Steinmeyer); 71/8-9I (Mitchell/Steinmeyer/Austin); 72/9


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Jehovah Lutheran Church, 1976 rebuild of Toledo Pipe Organ Company rebuild of Æolian organ built for Bay City, Michigan, with 1965 Casavant console—28/37


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Music of the Baroque (1984)—28/37


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Nazareth Lutheran Church (1976)—28/36


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Boniface Catholic Church, 1990 relocation of 1907 Hann-Wangerin-Weickhardt (opus 89?), possibly rebuilt H. B. Harrison, also possible work by William Delle, church closed c. 1990, to Northlake, Illinois, Saint John Baptist Vianney Catholic Church (replacing 1966 Charles A. Wiener), replaced 1866 Pilcher Bros. & Chant (opus 70), built for Sycamore, Illinois, First Congregational Church (replaced 1867 Pilcher Bros. opus 79), moved to Saint Boniface (1868)—15/4, 6-7SI; 35/5; 39/12S (Pilcher opus 70); 64/9-12SI (both organs)


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint James Lutheran Church (1982)—28/37


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Mark Lutheran Church, 1970 rebuild of M. P. Möller—28/37


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Mary of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church, restoration of 1928 Austin (opus 1602), 1949 Æolian-Skinner (opus 1195, console only)—58/4-9S; 60/18; 64/16; 75/9; 76/26-27 (Convention)


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Mary of the Angels (Polish) Catholic Church, ongoing restoration of 1920 W. W. Kimball with D. S. Wentz console—3/1-2S; 30/12, 26I; 52/6, 15-16S, 20-21; 75/12


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, 1970 rebuild of 1888 Jackson, replaced c. 1863-1871 Pilcher (?)—16/8-9SI; 28/35-36


Berghaus:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Paul Norwegian Lutheran Church, later Saint Paul Community Church, alterations to 1906 Austin (opus 172)—75/12; 98/12-14S


Berghaus:  Cicero, Illinois, Saint Frances of Rome Catholic Church, 1978 rebuild of unknown—28/37


Berghaus:  Downers Grove, Illinois, First Christian Church (1977)—28/36


Berghaus:  Downers Grove, Illinois, Janet Hutchins residence (1981)—28/37


Berghaus:  Downers Grove, Illinois, Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1982 rebuild of 1964 Reuter (opus 1461)—28/38


Berghaus:  Elgin, Illinois, First Congregational Church, 1893 Farrand & Votey (opus 71), rebuilt hybrid, rebuilt 1970 Berghaus—28/37


Berghaus:  Elgin, Illinois, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (1976)—28/36


Berghaus:  Elk Grove Village, Illinois, later Andover, Massachusetts, Earl Miller residence (1971)—28/36


Berghaus:  Elmhurst, Illinois, Saint Peter United Church of Christ, founded as Saint Peter Evangelical and Reformed Church, 1898 Hinners & Albertsen, 1979 rebuild of M. P. Möller—28/37


Berghaus:  Forest Park, Illinois, Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1976 additions to 1954 Æolian-Skinner (opus 1235)—9/9, 11-14SI (Æolian-Skinner/Berghaus); 28/37 (Æolian-Skinner); 61/15-22S(all organs)P(Æolian-Skinner); 62/30; 76/37 (Convention)


Berghaus:  Franklin Park, Illinois, Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (1979)—28/37


Berghaus:  Franklin Park, Illinois, Resurrection Lutheran Church, 1964 Wicks, rebuilt 1983 Berghaus—28/38


Berghaus:  Glenview, Illinois, Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1979 rebuild of 1957 Schlicker, which replaced 1909 Hinners, sold to Northbrook, Illinois, Saint Giles Episcopal Church (replaced 1993 Helmuth Wolff (opus 37)), Hinners sold to Okemos, Michigan, William J. Schneider—18/16-17SI (Hinners); 28/37


Berghaus:  Hinsdale, Illinois, Redeemer Lutheran Church, hybrid organ, rebuilt 1984 Berghaus—28/37


Berghaus:  La Grange, Illinois, First Baptist Church (1978)—28/37


Berghaus:  La Grange, Illinois, Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church, 2002-2003 rebuild of 1968-1969 Wicks (opus 4862), a rebuild of 1940 Wicks (opus 2138)—85/3, 14-17SI (Berghaus); 86/6


Berghaus:  La Grange Park, Illinois, Saint Michael Lutheran Church, 1977 rebuild of 1958 Schlicker—28/37


Berghaus:  Lemont, Illinois, Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, 1979 rebuild of Wangerin—28/37


Berghaus:  Lyons, Illinois, Zion Lutheran Church, 1909 Coburn, rebuilt Doerr, rebuilt 1977 Berghaus—28/36


Berghaus:  Northlake, Illinois, Saint John Baptist Vianney Catholic Church—see Berghaus, Chicago, Illinois, Saint Boniface Catholic Church


Berghaus:  Oak Park, Illinois, Ascension Catholic Church (2005), replaced 1929 Kilgen (opus 4409)—88/9


Berghaus:  Oak Park, Illinois, First Church of Christ, Scientist, building now Arts Center of Oak Park, 2000 tonal reversals with Chicago-Midwest Chapter, Organ Historical Society of changes in 1961 Emanuel Semerad and 1975-1977 William Hansen, during rebuild of 1916 W. W. Kimball—61/7, 11-14SP; 62/30; 67/6, 11I, 17; 68/3, 38I; 71/6I; 72/4, 8I; 76/37-38 (Convention)


Berghaus:  Oak Park, Illinois, Grace Episcopal Church, 1972 rebuild of 1922 Casavant (opus 940), later alterations—28/37


Berghaus:  Oak Park, Illinois, Saint Edmund Catholic Church, 2000 renovation of 1913 Casavant Frères (South Haven opus 9), rebuilt 1952 Casavant (opus 2111), alterations by unknown—61/7, 14-15S; 62/30; 67/6-7I; 68/3


Berghaus:  Oak Park, Illinois, Willard Memorial Methodist Church, 1980 rebuild of 1930’s Temple Organ, building later Telgdu United Methodist Church, congregation merged with Cuyler Avenue Methodist Church, Trinity Methodist Church, and Washington Boulevard Methodist Church, using the Cuyler Avenue church facility—28/38; 78/12-14


Berghaus:  O’Fallon, Illinois, O’Fallon United Church of Christ (1973)—28/36


Berghaus:  Orland Park, Illinois, Christ Lutheran Church (1974)—28/36


Berghaus:  Palos Park, Illinois, Peace Memorial United Church of Christ (1979)—28/38


Berghaus:  River Forest, Illinois, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (founded in Oak Park—see also Oak Park), 1987 rebuild of 1956 Schlicker rebuild of 1931 Skinner (opus 833)—81/13-16SI (all organs)


Berghaus:  Saint Charles, Illinois, First Congregational Church, 1980 rebuild of Wangerin—28/38


Berghaus:  Sycamore, Illinois, Saint John Lutheran Church, 1982 rebuild of M. P. Möller—28/38


Berghaus:  Westchester, Illinois, Faith Lutheran Church (1978)—28/37


Berghaus:  Yorkville, Illinois, Cross Lutheran Church, 1913 Hinners, rebuilt 1980 Berghaus—28/37


Berghaus:  Crown Point, Indiana, Trinity Lutheran Church (1984), replaced John Sole (believed incorrectly to be Va Dinter)—15/4; 1/25; 28/37


Berghaus:  Hammond, Indiana, Saint John Lutheran Church (1976)—28/37


Berghaus:  Hobart, Indiana, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church of Northwest Indiana (ELS), 2000 relocation of 1953 M. P. Möller (opus 8549), built for Chicago, Illinois, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church—69/5-6SI


Berghaus:  Lafayette, Indiana, First Baptist Church, 1971 rebuild of 1872 Hook & Hastings (opus 648)—28/36


Berghaus:  Valparaiso, Indiana, Faith Lutheran Church (1978 or 1979)—28/37; 68/11, 35SI


Berghaus:  Valparaiso, Indiana, Thomas Surber residence (1988)—68/33S


Berghaus:  Valparaiso, Indiana, Valparaiso University, Chapel of the Resurrection, 2001 relocation of 1980 Rieger built for Valparaiso, Indiana, William and Ann Walton residence—74/16


Berghaus:  Barien Springs, Michigan, Ruth Ann Plue residence (1981)—28/37


Berghaus:  Bullock Creek, Michigan, Messiah Lutheran Church (1975)—28/36


Berghaus:  Saint Joseph, Michigan, First Congregational Church, 1958 Sauter, rebuilt 1984 Berghaus—28/38


Berghaus:  Akron, Ohio, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 1983 rebuild of 1955 Reuter (opus 1152), rebuilt of 1914 M. P. Möller (opus 1575)—28/38


Berghaus:  Cleveland, Ohio, Christ Lutheran Church (1969)—28/37


Berghaus:  Cleveland, Ohio, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, 1977 rebuild of 1953 Schlicker—28/37


Berghaus:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gloria Dei-Bethesda Lutheran Church (1978)—28/37



Bergstrom, John (opus 8):  Portland, Oregon, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, rebuilt 1996 Bond—57/16



Berkshire:  Orono, Maine, Methodist Church, rebuild of 1891 Emmons Howard—8/2; 10/1


Berkshire (opus 36):  Worcester, Massachusetts, Wesley United Methodist Church, 1972 rebuild of 1926 Skinner (opus 615), rebuilt 1955 Æolian-Skinner (opus 615-A and B)—22/8


Berkshire:  Worcester, Massachusetts, All Saints Episcopal Church, 1975-1976 revisions to 1933 Æolian-Skinner (opus 909, incorporating parts of 1932 Æolian-Skinner opus 895, built temporarily for church's Huntington Hall), replaced 1923 Skinner (opus 406), burned 1932, which replaced 1876 Hutchings-Plaisted (opus 67), which replaced 1864 Johnson (opus 163), burned 1874, alterations 1940-1949 as Æolian Skinner opus 909-A, B, C, D, E, F, revisions Gilbert Adams, 1980's alterations Nicholas-Bradford, Choir Room has 1932 Æolian-Skinner (opus 897)—22/10 (Æolian-Skinner opus 909)



Berschdorf, Norbert:  Racine, Wisconsin, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, 1965 rebuild of 1870 Pomplitz—10/9; 11/3-4, 7SI



Bigelow & Co., M. L. (opus 31):  Chicago, Illinois, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (2004), replaced Martin Ott (built for Saint Louis, Missouri, Christ Seminary-Seminex, relocated 1983 to Chicago), relocated to headquarters of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America—86/18-19SI



Biggers, James W.: 1957-1963 rebuild (with John J. Norris Organ Company and others) of Gary, Indiana, Christ Episcopal Church, 1912 Hillgreen, Lane & Company (opus 285), console rebuilt 1936, rebuilt 1980-1981, David L. Hamblin, Jr., building now Saint Stephen Missionary Baptist Church—60/10-11S



Bishop Organ Company:  Arlington, Massachusetts, First Parish Unitarian Church, 1998 restoration of 1870 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 529), built for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Christ Methodist Episcopal Church, relocated 1983 through Organ Clearing House by Richard Nickerson—69/32


Bishop Organ Company:  Lexington, Massachusetts, Follen Community Church, 1995-1996 relocation and restoration through Organ Clearing House of 1869 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 466), built for Stoneham, Massachusetts, Christian Union Church—69/32



Bogue & Associates, Daniel:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint John Cantius (Polish) Catholic Church, mid-1990's rebuild of 1920's Kilgen (replaced 1900 A. B. Felgemaker & Co. opus 723)—52/6, 11-14S, 20


Bogue & Associates, Daniel:  Park Ridge, Illinois, Park Ridge Presbyterian Church, relocation and work on 1959 Austin (opus 2317), built for Gary (Glen Park), Indiana, Forty-Third Avenue Presbyterian Church—59/16-18S


Bogue & Associates, Daniel:  Donaldson, Indiana, Convent Ancilla Domini, Chapel, 1997 rebuild of 1923 Van Dinter, rebuilt 1989 David Skinner—15/4 (Van Dinter); 27/9 (Van Dinter); 56/6-9S


Bogue, Daniel, & Associates:  Gary, Indiana, Holy Trinity (Slovak) Catholic Church, 1947 Wicks (opus 2751), rebuild of Kilgen (second-hand?), building later Abundant Life Missionary Baptist Church, organ removed 2000 by Bogue to Ann Arbor, Michigan, Motherhouse of Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist—56/10, 12SP; 67/11I



Bond:  now in Corvalis, Oregon, Saint Mary Catholic Church, 1986 rebuild of 1892 Geo. Jardine & Son (opus 1090)—57/16


Bond:  now in Aurora, Oregon, Aurora Presbyterian Church, 1992 rebuild of 1915 Hinners (opus 1943)—57/14


Bond:  now in Portland, Oregon, All Saints' Episcopal Church, 1985 rebuild of (1892) Geo. Jardine & Son (opus 1121)—57/13-14


Bond:  now in Milwaukie, Oregon, Milwaukie Presbyterian Church, 1992 rebuild of 1898 Henry Pilcher's Sons (opus 348)—57/15


Bond:  now in Portland, Oregon, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 1984 rebuild of unknown builder (c. 1885 organ)—57/14


Bond:  Portland, Oregon, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 1996 rebuild of 1881 John Bergstrom (opus 8)—57/16


Bond:  now in Portland, Oregon, Saint Ignatius Catholic Church, c. 1880, rebuilt c. 1901 Geo. Kilgen & Son, rebuilt 1982 Bond—57/14-15


Bond:  now in Portland, Oregon, Saint Mary Catholic Cathedral 1996 rebuild of 1904 Los Angeles Art Organ Company (opus 42)—57/13


Bond:  now in Portland, Oregon, Saint Patrick Church, restored (1987) of unknown (English, c.1875)—57/13


Bond:  now in Portland, Oregon, Saint Thomas More Catholic Church, rebuild of 1914 Kilgen—57/13


Bond (opus 25):  Salem, Oregon, Cone Chapel, Walter Hall, Williamette University 1996—57/16


Bond:  Federal Way, Washington, Saint Theresa Catholic Church—16/27


Bond:  now in Vancouver, Washington, Saint Luke Episcopal Church, 1892 W. K. Adams' Sons (opus 33), rebuilt 1984—57/14



Boody, John, and Fritz Noack:  Orono, Maine, University of Maine, 1971 rebuild of 1901 Hook & Hastings (opus 1907)—8/2



Bosch, Werner (opus 429):  Portland, Oregon, Cathedral of Saint Mark (Anglican)—57/13


Bosch, Werner (opus 578):  Barrington, Illinois, Saint Michael Episcopal Church (1970), revoiced 1973 Roderer—18/18-19SI



Bosman, Frans W. M. (opus 7):  Castle Rock, Washington:  Saint Paul Lutheran (1990)—57/15



Bozeman-Gibson & Co.:  Belfast, Maine, First Church, 1975 restoration of 1848 George Stevens—8/2; 10/2; 17/32, 35


Bozeman-Gibson & Co. (opus 9):  Marine City, Michigan, Holy Cross Catholic Church, 1976 rebuild of 1861 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 300), rebuilt 1896 Hook & Hastings, earlier, Louis Van Dinter—34/9; 48/6


Bozeman & Company, George (opus 27):  Iowa City, Iowa, Trinity Episcopal Church, 1983 rebuild of 1912 Henry Pilcher’s Sons (opus 748), built for Lima, Ohio, Spring Street Lutheran Church, relocated 1925 to Findlay, Ohio, by Lima Pipe Organ Company—40/21


Bozeman, Jr. & Co., George (opus 29):  Huntington, Indiana, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, 1984 restoration of 1894 L. H. Van Dinter & Son—88/3-4S


Bozeman & Co., George (opus 33):  Aiken, South Carolina, Saint Mary, Help of Christians Catholic Church, 1985 rebuild of 1911 Hinners (opus 1249), built for Chicago, Illinois, Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church, later Fowler-Clifton United Methodist Church, building later Greater Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church—63/7-8SI


Bozeman, Jr., & Co., George:  Woburn, Massachusetts, First Congregational Church, 1992 restoration of 1860 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 283), c. 1913 alterations unknown—44/4; 69/32


Bozeman & Co., George (opus 55):  now in Marylhurst, Oregon, Marylhurst College, Saint Anne Chapel, 1994 rebuild of 1901 Hutchings-Votey (opus 554)—57/16



Bradford:  now in Chicago, Illinois, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1891 Lancashire-Marshall (opus 54), built for Superior, Wisconsin, Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal)—43/33; 75/11; 76/35-36 (Convention)


Bradford:  Chicago, Illinois, Holy Cross (Lithuanian) Catholic Church, merged with Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church to form Holy Cross/Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, restoration of 1915 Tellers-Sommerhoff, restored Bradford—86/13-15SI; 94/11-13SI


Bradford:  Chicago, Illinois, Lake View Presbyterian Church, 2001 restorative repairs to 1898 Lyon & Healy opus 29 (factory number 1263), electrified 1950’s Nicholas Doerr—75/12; 77/3; 79/12-15SI; 80/8; 85/21


Bradford (Prairie):  Chicago, Illinois, Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church, restoration of 1888 Johnson & Son (opus 690)—28/6, 15, 25, 38; 29/33; 58/9


Bradford:  Chicago, Illinois, Mayfair United Methodist Church, founded as Montrose Methodist Episcopal Church, later Mayfair Methodist Episcopal Church, 1999 purchase and storage of Johnson & Son (opus 386), believed to be built for Chicago, Illinois, Oriental Lodge (1872), which replaced 1867 Johnson (opus 237), burned 1871, which replaced 1863 Pilcher (sold to Peoria, Illinois, New Jerusalem Church), moved in 1923 to Chicago, Illinois, Mayfair Methodist Church by Coburn Organ Company, renovated 1984 J. C. Taylor—24/11 (1872 Johnson); 25/21 (1867 Johnson); 27/24-29SI; 28/6, 23; 29/31-32S, 33-34 (insert); 37/17-18; 38/19 (1867 Johnson); 42/31 (Johnson opus 237); 58/9; 62/6 (1872 Johnson); 64/5-6SI, 17-18; 79/3


Bradford (Prairie):  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Cajetan Catholic Church, moved and enlarged 1929 M. P. Möller (opus 5563), c. 1983, built for Chicago, Illinois, Saint Clement Catholic Church (replaced 1918 Unknown, replaced 1983 Casavant (opus 3557))—28/16 (Casavant), 39 (Möller); 29/33 (Casavant)


Bradford (Prairie):  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Dominic Catholic Church, 1983-1984 restoration of 1922 Hinners—15/34-35SI; 28/22, 39; 42/18


Bradford:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint James Episcopal Church, now Cathedral, 1999-2000 instrument from parts of 1920 Austin (opus 948), 1961 Austin (opus 2368), 1930 Skinner console (opus 818, built for Los Angeles, California, UCLA, Royce Hall), 1929 Skinner (opus 752, built for Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Civic Opera House, later Lyric Opera of Chicago), older organs include 1837 Erben, replaced 1857 Hall & Labagh (moved to Chicago, Illinois, Epiphany Episcopal Church?), replaced 1870 Johnson (opus 334), burned 1871, replaced 1875 Johnson (opus 456), rebuilt 1903 Marshall-Bennett (opus 156), chapel housed (1912 and/or 1914?) Estey (opus 1123 and/or 1211), now gone—14/14 (1870 Johnson); 15/8-13, 15SI (both Johnsons, Austin, Estey); 25/21, 23 (both Johnsons); 26/19 (Hall & Labagh/Johnson); 28/9 (Austin), 13, 14 (Hall & Labagh/both Johnsons, both Austins); 35/4-15 (I)(Erben, Hall & Labagh, Johnson); 36/11-13 (Hall & Labagh); 37/3-4 (Hall & Labagh/Johnson); 42/25, 28-31 (1870 Johnson); 42/31 (Erben); 42/31 (Hall & Labagh); 64/7-9SI (Skinner); 71/15 (Johnson)


Bradford:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, 1998 relocation and restoration of 1892 Hutchings (opus 269), built for Cambridgeport (now Cambridge), Massachusetts, Prospect Street Congregational Church (later Prospect Street Church), relocated through Organ Clearing House, replaced 1930's Charles Wiener, destroyed 1973, which replaced 1900 Lancashire-Marshall, which replaced 1855 Wolfram, burned 1871—35/6 (Wolfram); 42/20, 26, 30-32 (Wolfram); 63/16-18SI; 67/20I (Hutchings, Lancashire-Marshall façade); 68/38-39I; 75/12


Bradford:  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Josephat Catholic Church, 2004 relocation of 1872 William A. Johnson (opus 386), previously in Chicago, Illinois, Mayfair United Methodist Church also:  Schaefer, replaced 1925 Geo. Kilgen & Son (opus 3386), rebuilt 1950 unknown—93/1, 6-10SI


Bradford:  Chicago, Illinois, University of Chicago, Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, some restoration of 1927 Skinner (opus 634), rebuilt 1976 Kurt Roderer, alterations David Skinner, gallery organ rebuilt Schlicker—16/22-24, 29SI; 28/9


Bradford (opus 10):  Evanston, Illinois, Michael David residence (1994)—72/10S


Bradford:  Evanston, Illinois, Hemenway United Methodist Church (merger of Hemenway and Covenant United Methodist Churches—see also Covenant United Methodist Church), merger of Hemenway’s 1941 Austin Organs, Inc. (opus 2054), and Covenant’s 1969 Schlicker Organ Co. organ (2005), also 1899 Lancashire-Marshall (opus 127), replaced 1922 M. P. Möller (opus 3519), burned 1932—96/7-9SI (Austin/Schlicker); 97/6


Bradford:  Evanston, Illinois, Lake Street Church (founded as First Baptist Church), c. 2005 restorative repairs to 1928 W. W. Kimball, altered, replaced 1887 Steere & Turner (opus 247)—96/9-14SI (both organs); 97/6


Bradford:  Evanston, Illinois, Saint Andrew Episcopal Church, 2001 restorative repairs with Chicago-Midwest Chapter Organ Historical Society for 1905 Lyon & Healy (opus 174, factory number 1428), built for Chicago, Illinois, Saint Simon (Episcopal) Mission—19/4-5SI; 65/15, 26-28SI; 67/16; 72/4I; 75/12


Bradford:  Evanston, Illinois, Saint Matthew Episcopal Church, Saint Mary Chapel (1989), church:  unknown, replaced 1977 Casavant Frères, Limitée (opus 3354)—96/18-20SI (both organs); 97/6


Bradford (Prairie):  Lake Forest, Illinois, Lee and Dorothy Dollack residence, 1983 relocation and rebuild of c. 1911 Kilgen, built for Lake Forest, Illinois, Saint Mary Catholic Church—28/38


Bradford (Prairie):  Lake Forest, Illinois, Saint Mary Catholic Church, 1983 relocation and rebuild of c. 1911 Kilgen to Lake Forest, Illinois, Lee and Dorothy Dollack residence—28/38


Bradford (Prairie):  Oak Lawn, Illinois, Pilgrim Faith United Church (1980)—28/38


Bradford:  Oak Park, Illinois, First United Methodist Church, ongoing restoration of 1925 Skinner (opus 528)—74/21


Bradford (opus 6):  Wilmette, Illinois, Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church (1990), containing parts of other organs, including 1873 Johnson & Son (opus 389), built for Congregational Church, Chester, Connecticut, later in Lawrence Massachusetts, German Presbyterian Church (later Christ Presbyterian Church), and William Laws organ, assembled for Beverly, Massachusetts, First Presbyterian Church, replaced 1925 Wangerin (opus 478), altered 1950’s Joseph Banahan—69/7, 10-13SI (Wangerin/Bradford); 71/22 (Bradford); 74/15; 75/14


Bradford:  Woodstock, Illinois, First Congregational-Universalist Church, 1985 refurbishing of c. 1907 W. W. Kimball—41/31-32SI


Bradford:  now in Whiting, Indiana, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 1923 Skinner (opus 405), built for La Grange, Illinois, Cossitt Avenue School)—59/5-8S; 60/2


Bradford (Prairie):  Grinnell, Iowa, Saint Paul Episcopal Church, 1984 organ using chest of 1893 Barckhoff)—28/39



Breilharz, Earl/Lima Pipe Organ Company:  Dubuque, Iowa, Saint Mary Catholic Church, 1965 rebuild of Philip Odenbrett rebuild of 1870 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 531)—40/21



Brombaugh, John:  Elgin, Illinois, Church of the Brethren, General Board Offices, 1975 restoration of 1698 Joseph Christoph Harttman—9/4-5, 7I; 11/9 (insert)SI; 24/11; 28/6, 18; 29/33


Brombaugh, John (opus 19):  Eugene, Oregon, Central Lutheran Church (1976/1983/1989/1882)—57/16


Brombaugh, John:  Tacoma, Washington, Christ Church, Episcopal (1979)—14/14; 16/28



Brunner & Co., R. J.:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1993 rebuild of 1902 Hook & Hastings (opus 1981)—53/15



Brunner & Heller: New Haven, Connecticut, Saint Paul Episcopal Church, 1982-1985 renovation of 1868 Jardine & Son—45/5


Brunner & Heller:  Lawrenceville, Virginia, Saint Andrew Episcopal Church, 1983 restoration of Pilcher (opus 24), built 1857 for Saint Louis, Missouri, Saint Louis Fair, sold to Saint Louis, Missouri, Calvary Free Episcopal Church, sold in June 1862 as Pilcher opus 48 to Jacksonville, Illinois, First Presbyterian Church, later moved to Mason City, Illinois, First Methodist Church, moved 1903 to Minier, Illinois, Minier Methodist Church, later Liberty Baptist Church, moved 1983 to Lawrenceville—14/3-5, 12SI; 32/6-8SI



Brunzema (opus 3):  La Grange, Illinois, First Presbyterian Church (1981), also:  W. W. Kimball, replaced 1937 Estey (opus 2798, built as opus 2151 in 1924 for Chicago, Illinois, Lyon & Healy studio), replaced 1962 Æolian-Skinner opus 1390, retaining part of opus 2798 in the chancel), chancel organ since altered, 1981 Brunzema (opus 3)—85/3, 8-11SI (Æolian-Skinner, Brunzema); 86/6



Buck, George:  Maple Park, Illinois, Saint Mary Catholic Church, 1980’s refurbishing of 1899 Hook & Hastings (opus 1861), built for Joliet, Illinois, First Presbyterian Church—12/11S; 24/4, 14-15 (insert) SPI



Burke, Henry A.:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Saint Malachy Catholic Church, 1887 rebuild of 1869 H. Knauff & Son—53/15-16



Burlington:  Oak Park, Illinois, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (1903, congregation moved to River Forest—see also River Forest), building later Wesleyan Church, still later Living Sanctuary of Faith Church of God in Christ—75/11; 76/36-37 (Convention); 77/3; 81/5, 10-12SI; 82/23



Buzard (opus 9):  Arlington Heights, Illinois, Southminster Presbyterian Church (1992)—57/5, 10S, 11; 58/22