Instruments—by Location­–Rest of the World


Nassau, Bahama Islands:  Christ Episcopal Church, W. W. Kimball—30/15


Rio de Janero, Brazil:  CTG Lopez residence, 1980 relocation of c. 1905 Votteler-Hettche, earlier in Antioch, Illinois, Saint Ignatius Episcopal Church (replaced 1980 Collier-David & Associates with rebuild earlier in South Bend, Indiana, Charles Hoke residence)—19/9


Peking, China:  Union Medical College, Chapel, W. W. Kimball—30/15


Liverpool, England:  Liverpool Collegiate Institute, 1850 Richard Jackson—29/19


Liverpool, England:  Saint George's Hall, Henry Willis (1855)—30/16


London, England:  Saint Paul Cathedral, Henry (“Father”) Willis—15/26


Oxford, England:  Christ Church Cathedral, Rieger—15/17


Oxford, England:  Oxford University, New College, Grant, Degens & Bradbeer—15/17


Paris, France:  Saint-Eustache, Cavaillé-Coll—15/26


Paris, France:  Saint-Sulpice, Cavaillé-Coll—15/26


Guadeloupe, Mexico:  Cathedral, WurliTzer—25/29


Moorreesburg, Cape of Good Hope Province, South Africa: Dutch Reformed Church, W. W. Kimball (1941)—30/13


Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa:  Public Auditorium,  W. W. Kimball (1935)—30/11, 13, 15-17