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Sauganash Community Church
4541 West Peterson Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

In November of 1925 when Peterson Avenue was still very much a dirt road, a local clergyman named Perry Rice began to meet with several people who desired to create a church in the young and developing area called Sauganash. The Sauganash name actually comes from the Sauganash Indian Tribe and its leader Chief Sauganash commonly known by his English name of Billy Caldwell. Most people will recognize this name with the street by the same name and the nearby "Billy Caldwell Country Club" a few blocks away. Rev. Rice had previously performed a survey of the area to see if there were individuals who would like to build a church of his denomination. Finding no adherents in his religious denomination, he assisted in the beginning of this community church - a church that would become a meeting ground for persons of various Christian backgrounds. A group of 17 persons signed the Constitution of the new church on June 25, 1926 as Charter Members. During the early years the church members met in a storefront at the corner of Peterson and Rogers just east of the present church site. During 1927-1928 the congregation moved to the present Annex Building (across the street) for services. Interestingly, the Annex had first been a real estate office for the Sauganash development, and then later it became a community center. The church worshipped at the annex for many years until moving to its present edifice in 1940. The congregation grew substantially during the 47 1/2-year pastorate of Rev. Cyril K. Richard - a rarity in American Church History. The members of Sauganash signed a contract with M. P. Moeller Organ Company on September 30, 1955 with complete installation of the organ mandated by September 30, 1956. M. P. Moeller Organ Company Opus 8912 was installed for $30,184.00.

Present specification of M. P. Moeller Organ Company Opus 8912:

Great Organ - Manual II:

MIDI on Great
16' Quintade
8' Principal
8' Bordun
4' Octave
II Grave Mixture
Great to Great 16'
Great to Great 4'
Great Unison Off

Swell Organ - Manual III:

MIDI on Swell
8' Viola Pomposa
8' Viola Celeste (T.C.)
8' Rohrflote
4' Principal
4' Nachthorn
2' Piccolo
III Plein Jeu
16' Bassoon
8' Vox Humana
8' Cor Anglais
8' Trompette
4' Rohr Schalmei
Swell to Swell 16'
Swell to Swell 4'
Swell Unison Off


Choir Organ - Manual I:

MIDI on Choir
8' Loch Gedackt
8' Erzahler
8' Erzahler Celeste (T.C.)
4' Koppelflote
2 2/3' Nasard
2' Blockflote
1 3/5' Terz
Choir to Choir 16'
Choir to Choir 4'
Choir Unison Off


Pedal Organ:

MIDI on Pedal
32' Resultant
16' Quintade (Gt.)
16' Subbass
16' Gedackt (Ch.)
8' Spitz Principal
8' Quintade (Gt.)
8' Gedackt (Ch.)
4' Choral Bass
4' Gedackt (Ch.)
16' Bassoon (Sw.)
8' Bassoon (Sw.)
4' Bassoon (Sw.)


8 General Pistons (thumb - 4 under Manual III - 4 under Manual II
7 Swell Pistons (thumb - under Manual III)
6 Great Pistons (thumb - under Manual II)
6 Choir Pistons (thumb - under Manual I)

Swell to Pedal (thumb - under Manual III)
Great to Pedal (thumb - under Manual II)
Choir to Pedal (thumb - under Manual I)
Tutti (thumb - under Manual II)
Setter Piston (thumb - under Manual I)
General Cancel (thumb - under Manual I)

Swell Expression Shoe
Choir Expression Shoe
Crescendo Shoe

Toe Studs:
General Pistons 5-8 duplicated
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Choir to Pedal
5 Pedal Toe Studs
Tutti Lever


Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Choir to Pedal
Great to Pedal 4'
Swell to Pedal 4'
Choir to Pedal 4'

Swell to Great 16'
Swell to Great
Swell to Great 4'
Choir to Great 16'
Choir to Great
Choir to Great 4'

Swell to Choir 16'
Swell to Choir
Swell to Choir 4'

 Indicator Lights under Couplers: Crescendo Tutti

 Data Filer by Peterson Electronics


(Information resourced from "History of Sauganash Community Church 1996" and on site visit)


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